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Our Focus

Johnson-Tauch has a vast range of expertise throughout the entire Real Estate Development Value-Chain.

Gaining experience and expertise in real estate development from project conception to completion,  today we specialize in land development, commercial, luxury home and multifamily community development. 

Land Development

We specialize in land development. The principals and Executive Team in Johnson-Tauch are accomplished experts in combining properties with conceptual ideas to turn them into real value—a process that delivers an end product that meets market and consumer demand.  

The development process is intricate from site selection, due diligence and project development through entitlement, construction and tenant occupation: it involves participation from a wide variety of professionals, including architects, landscape architects, civil engineers, site planners, attorneys, environmental consultants, surveyors, title companies, lenders, architects, general contractors, and subcontractors with expert marketing and sales professionals.


We excel in  coordinating and managing all aspects of land development projects. And we have a consistent track record of delivering fully occupied commercial retail projects fully subscribed multifamily development.

Areal View of the Reconstruction .jpg
Paved Terrace

Luxury Residential Development

One of our specialities is the design and development of premium homes. Our team has extensive experience in developing high-quality residential homes to satisfied customers. Over the course of four decades, we have developed a taste for compelling products and a keen understanding of market demand for premium homes.  


Oftentimes our luxury home projects are an integral component to master planned luxury subdivision community developments with amble-resort like amenities and beautiful lush landscaped grounds, promenades among lush trees, waterways and lakes.

Commercial Development

One of our strengths and core focus have been commercial real estate development projects, which includes hotels, office buildings, retail, premium restaurants, mixed-use, premium strip centers, warehouses and big box stores. 

We are highly experienced with all aspects of commercial real estate development from site selection, planning, zoning, permitting, licensing, as wells as a full range of project management, pre-construction and construction activities. 

Our team has a substantial portfolio of commercial developments throughout Houston, the State of Texas and other national regions; and we are continuously seeking additional opportunities. 

Loews Under Construction.jpg
New Houses

Multifamily Community Development

Our team comprises several premier developers for multifamily communities in Texas. Our Principals and Executive Team have developed numerous premium multifamily communities, encompassing 1000s of high-quality units throughout Texas. We not only have extensive experience regarding the entire development process, but we have a keen understanding of the market and the sales and marketing process for these vibrant communities. Nearly all our multifamily projects were fully subscribed prior to completion. 

If you have a premium multifamily project or need a solid partner, please contact us. We are always interested in solid multifamily opportunities.  

Special Project Development

Over the past four decades, the Principals and Executive Team members of Johnson-Tauch have developed numerous specialty projects both nationally and internationally (e.g., Tulum, St. Thomas, Nicaragua, etc.).


We have both extensive experience and expertise nationally and internationally and are open to various opportunities that make financial sense to our development team. If you have a special project, whether in early to late development, please contact us. We are always open to opportunities.  

Construction and development at Marjan Island seafront reclaimed land artificial island in
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